Slow & transparent

There is no beauty to be found in harming the Earth. When it comes to fashion, we believe the slower, the better. We are proud to be 100% zero waste, using only sustainable materials harvested in Ecuador, including organic GOTS-certified cotton, viscose, and bamboo. From sourcing fabrics to the creation of our recycled packaging, we take a holistic approach to our production. Any leftover textiles from our collections are recycled and reused by other fashion brands as dead stock. We hope that the care and quality that goes into each collection will inspire you to wear these pieces for years to come and pass them onto future generations.

Materials we use

Organic GOTS-certified cotton

Our GOTS-certified organic cotton is grown without the use of insecticides and pesticides and produced using regenerative farming techniques. We take pride in protecting the soil, our employees, and our water supplies by using only safe and environmentally-friendly practices when producing our soft cotton. Biodegradable organic cotton is durable and long-lasting, but when it is time to say goodbye, it naturally breaks down so we don’t leave any trace behind.

These are made with organic cotton:

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Neoprene is a soft and flexible opaque material made from synthetic rubber. It is characterized as being comfortable, durable, lightweight, and waterproof. As a zero-waste brand, any leftover neoprene fabric from our collections gets repurposed in our accessories like scrunchies.

These are made with neoprene:

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Known for its elasticity and durability, lycra is a knitted fabric made from synthetic fibers. With lots of flexibility, lycra can stretch up to five times its size and return to its original state. A very comfortable and user-friendly material, it is easy to wash and quick to dry.

These are made with lycra:

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Beautiful organza is a thin, yet luxurious transparent material often used in creating sheer overlays. Ours is made from lightweight cotton and polyester, making it as light as air.


Made from the fibers of the flax plant, linen is a very popular material for warmer-weather clothing. It is lightweight, breathable, highly absorbent and comfortable. While it wrinkles easily, linen is three times stronger than cotton, making it a popular choice for outdoor adventures.

Natural Rayon

Also known as viscose, our natural rayon is made from linen, cotton, or hemp cellulose. This sustainable material creates a soft, light fabric that drapes and stretches beautifully.


As chemical dyes may pollute the environment if not handled properly, we take care to only work with responsible dyeing factories. Our dyeing process prevents chemical leakage, preserving the land and water.

At the heart of Florencia Dávalos are hardworking women behind the scenes. We employ only single mothers at our studio in Ecuador, providing them with safe and fair labor conditions and wages to support their families. With mutual respect and the shared goal of lifting each other and the brand up, we collaborate to explore traditional techniques coupled with modern innovations. With our combined creative prowess and diverse cultural perspectives, our collections are a powerful vision of 21st-century femininity.

Test of time

From the careful selection of materials to the finished garments, we take full responsibility for every collection we create. Throughout our production line, we recycle and reuse materials, donating spare supplies to neighboring studios. We’re committed to making clothes that stand the test of time, so even after our designs have left our hands, we’re still here to hold yours. We provide easy-to-follow care instructions for each piece and have a repair service at our shop should the need arise. Together with you, we are supporting a slow, circular economy – one that we hope will change the fashion world for good.