What is Dopamine Dressing?

As we dive into the concept of dopamine dressing, we'll also share some tips on how to get a boost from what you wear.

What is Dopamine Dressing?

Your favorite song. A home-cooked meal. The smell of coffee in the morning. There are certain things in life that just make us feel good. When it comes to clothing, picking out pieces based on what we like is often a subconscious choice, but it’s easy to be swayed by what’s trendy and neglect what we actually love. As we all know, keeping up with the trends isn’t necessarily going to make us feel good in our own skin – in fact, it often does the exact opposite!

As we dive into the concept of dopamine dressing, we'll also share some tips on how to get a boost from what you wear.

What is Dopamine?

As a neurotransmitter, or chemical messenger, in the brain, dopamine is responsible for controlling pleasure, reward, motivation, and attention. It’s often known as the “feel-good” hormone that gives you a spike in happiness when you make certain decisions.

While it seems small, the way you dress can have a big impact on your dopamine levels. When you wear something you love, be it a favorite dress or a bright red blouse, you can trigger a dopamine release. Particularly when you choose clothing items that are visually stimulating, you can make yourself feel more energized, productive, and joyful. This is the power of clothing over your mood.

Feel-Good Fashion

Dopamine dressing is not the same for everyone – what makes you feel good may not be the same for the next person. However, in general, bright colors are a great way to dress to boost dopamine. Monochromatic gray outfits might be at the height of fashion, but they won’t reward you in the same way mentally as our bright Emiliana Dress. The principles of color psychology can help us understand how each color can impact our emotions and affect our dopamine levels. For example, a bright red can make you feel emboldened and powerful while yellow can heighten your creativity and happiness.

When you feel confident, you radiate from within. You’re more likely to receive compliments when you are happy, which creates a positive feedback loop. Riding the high of your outfit can actually spread joy to those around you, affecting not only your day, but theirs as well.

Getting Started with Dopamine Dressing

You’ve probably heard of dressing for success, right? Well, dopamine dressing may be the key to boosting productivity in your daily life. To get started with dopamine dressing, think carefully about the colors and patterns of clothing you’re considering. Make the conscious decision to wear at least one piece of clothing per day that makes you feel bright and cheerful. Be the sunshine in the dark winter months when everyone is wearing black and gray. See if it doesn’t lift your spirit and that of those around you!

We want you to always feel your best, which is why we’ve designed colorful clothes with the power to evoke positive emotions. Our vibrant designs are like a delicious mood cocktail that will energize and inspire you in your daily life. So start sipping by wearing something that not only looks beautiful, but makes you feel good!