Florencia Davalos started in Ecuador with the main goal of creating our own aesthetic through good energy, positive vibes and happiness. With a strong influence from our culture since 2014 we have based our energy in creating versatile designs. For many years we have contributed to the economy of our country, by generating income for several families among workers and suppliers; always seeking to empower women. Our clothing hinges from a central theme which inspires the principal patterns, colors, embroidery and shapes of each collection. We provide emotions and each garment hugs every personality and positive transformations in everyone. Every single piece is set apart by it’s unique elements. We invest in quality over quantity, that is why we are committed to delivering high-quality and exclusive collections with timeless garments that have a long life, inspired through all elements that nature brings to us. Faithful believers in the change of our industry, where producers and consumers are united by a common goal of being aware of the impact of fashion in the world. Bienvenidos! Tú Magia es Nuestra Magia.


The story began in 2014 in Ecuador where founder Florencia Dávalos with only 22 years old took her chances on launching a brand that dresses and enhances the personality of each woman who wears it, by creating fashion that provides colorfull and joyfull emotions, freedom, feminine spirit and making them feel empowered.

Florencia completed her studies at IED “Institute European di Design” in Madrid. Graduating with the best thesis, she was considered as one of the best talents in South 36.32N. Florencia is the best emerging fashion designer in Ecuador for two consecutive years.

In her current role, the ecuadorian designer embraces the spirit of the brand which inspires women to be assertive, self-determined, but mainly, on being whoever they want to be.

Florencia Dávalos


Florencia Dávalos

Founder Creative Director / Designer

Nicole Garcés

Social Media

Ana Lucia Criollo

Lourdes Cuichan

Jesica Maldonado

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